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Why Weber Grills Are Some Fans Favorites

Weber grills have a loyal following with good reason

Saturday, June 02, 2018

Weber grills are well known for quality, and it's one name that automatically comes to mind when you start thinking of grill brands. Weber grills come in all styles and price ranges. We'll tell you a bit about the types of Weber grills available, and what reviewers like about them.

Types of Gas Weber Grills

Weber grills are available in the standard gas and charcoal styles, but they are also available as small portable grills. They are also the creators of the Weber Q and Baby Q gas grills, which are attractive tabletop grills.

Gas grills manufactured by Weber range are available in two series. The Genesis series of Weber grills is for those who need grills that are slightly more compact. The Silver, Gold, and Platinum models have increasing levels of sophistication and extra accessories.

The Summit series is for those who don't want to settle for anything less than the best. These Weber grills are available in Gold and Platinum models, as well as several built-in styles. You can also choose between propane and natural gas.

Types of Charcoal Weber Grills

The kettle shape of charcoal Weber grills is a classic. These grills are still the same general design as when they were first released, because they just work so well. You can find them in several colors now, as well as with add ons such as an ash catcher and different venting systems.

If you are cooking for a crowd, there are larger Weber grills. The Ranch Kettle has over 1100 square inches of cooking area and can handle enough food for a party.

Weber has also created a truly unique grill known as the Performer. These types of Weber grills combine charcoal taste with the convenience of gas grills. Using this grill, you cook over charcoal, but a gas ignition starts the coals so you don't have to fuss with lighter fluid or chimneys.

Types of Portable Weber Grills

Weber has a miniature of their classic kettle grills, known as Smoky Joe. You can get these charcoal grills in two sizes, including a useful carrying handle, which allows you to move the grill while it's still hot.

Portable gas grills by Weber are called the Go-Anywhere Grill. These small rectangular Weber grills take one pound disposable LP cylinders.

Why We Love Weber Grills

Not only does Weber have a wide selection of grills, but their products are also very well made. Everything has a ten-year warranty, and it actually lives up to its promise.

It's easy to find replacement parts and accessories. Most home centers carry Weber products, and they are easy to find online.

Weber grills also come with a nice range of charcoal and gas accessories, ranging from woks and rotisseries to attachable tables and tool and condiment holders.

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Why Weber Grills Are Some Fans Favorites

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